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Partners and Membership

WCFH has worked with several partners over the past few years and continues to work with like-minded organizations where cooperation and partnering prove to be beneficial to all concerned.

Here they are:

Rotary Club of Montrose, CO

Altrusa Club of Montrose, CO

Shelter Box

American Himalayan Foundation

Child Rescue Nepal

Himalayan Medics

Himalayan Stove Project

Community leaders in Chhulemu, Namche Bazaar and the Khumbu region

The dZi Foundation

Guru's and Pun Hill restaurants in Montrose, CO

The Ute Indian Museum of Montrose, CO

Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita


Western Colorado Friends of the Himalayas

P.O. Box 2022    Montrose, CO  81402           970-275-3671

You are invited to become a member of the Western Colorado Friends of the Himalayas to help promote cultural awareness of the Himalayan region and promote world peace through educational and cultural programs. WCFH’s educational programs include supporting elementary age children of the Himalayas with school supplies, uniforms and modern technology, sponsoring secondary education students in Nepal and awarding scholarships to qualifying applicants.  Cultural programs foster communication and understanding of the Himalayan people. WCFH also supports relief work in the region and funds construction of solar showers and school toilets to promote health and hygiene. The education and well-being of children is a major focus of the organization, including support for rescue and rehabilitation from the horrors of child trafficking.

Your membership and other contributions help to foster compassion and understanding by sharing our resources with others, providing educational opportunities for children and expanding awareness of other cultures.


       YES, I want to be a member of the Western Colorado Friends of the Himalayas 501(c)(3)  ________

        YES, I am interested in more information.   Please contact me   _______

Name _______________________________________ Telephone ______________________________

Address _____________________________________ City, State, Zip ___________________________

Email Address ________________________________     [WCFH does not share email addresses]

 ______ Individual:  $20.00            _______ Family:  $35.00                 ______Student/Senior:  $15.00

 ______ Business:  $50.00                           _______ Donation for projects:  $........... 

 _______ Corporate:  $100.00            Fed Tax I.D. # 30-0117036         Date:___________________                                                                                                             

Send membership form and check or money order to WCFH, P.O. Box 2022, Montrose CO  81402-2022

Thank You!

Your check WILL make a difference

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